Project Description
A Pomodoro timer which sits in the Windows 7 TaskBar. Uses the TaskBar icon overlay to show remaining session minutes and uses TaskBar JumpList for actions.

Pomodoro Timer for the Windows 7 TaskBar

If you’re into the Pomodoro technique and looking for a pretty simple out-of-the-way timer which sits in the Windows 7 taskbar and is controlled from the Win7 JumpList, this one might be worth trying out.

NOTE: Icon overlays will NOT work if you're using small TaskBar icons!


That’s the timer looking like a tomato, with the remaining session minutes written out dynamically as icon overlay.


The timer has a couple of JumpList Tasks which you can use to control it. The program works well when “pinned” to the taskbar if you prefer it.


When started, there's also a TaskBar Preview Button with which you can start/stop the timer if needed.


You can also control the timer from the main window with one large action-button (stop, start, stop ringing and restart session).


When the timer is stopped, you can just click on the remaining minutes-textbox and change the default session length to whatever you like. The value is stored.


When the session is ended, the window flashes, the tomato shakes and a ringing sound is played a few times to get your attention.

Note I prefer to keep this program simple, but may add session logging. The name as well as the looks may change. .NET 4.0 is required

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